I remember opening day in June 1993 as if it was yesterday. Maurizio and I were so excited (and relieved) to get the doors open. It was a miracle we actually did open. Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, to whom I am forever grateful, we actualized our dream.

Our vision was to open the kind of restaurant we wanted to go to…one that we could comfortably call “our favorite”. Maurizio had already put Giacomo’s and Il Panino on the map of North End hot spots and it was time to showcase his brand of Sardinian and Mediterranean home style cooking. At that time the North End was a sea of red sauce and chicken parm. Maurizio led the way toward the diversity in authentic regional Italian cooking that the North End proudly offers today. I wanted as many people as possible to have the chance to enjoy Maurizio’s food as much as I did in an atmosphere that was intimate, comfortable, casual, friendly and affordable.

Maurizio’s is not about pomp and circumstance. It’s not about trendy. It’s simply about the food. It’s about really fabulous comfort food being prepared by a proud and passionate chef whose Sardinian roots and love for his craft is apparent in every dish he prepares. Nobody does it like Maurizio.

Maurizio’s has been my life for 20 plus years and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. The business is crazy, stressful, chaotic, frenetic and just plain overwhelming at times. Tempers flair, frying pans slam, foul language streams from the open kitchen…and then…I cry. But my restaurant family saves me. I could not have managed Maurizio’s without my staff. They are exceptional, hard working people. These dedicated individuals have become some of my closest and dearest life long friends. Not to mention my customers, whose loyalty not only has kept us in business but has grown into many truly great friendships as well. Maurizio’s is my family where great food, good wine and lots of laughs are shared by all.

Maurizio’s is where you can come to for a delicious meal, prepared by The Master and feel like you are dining in the home of your favorite friends.

Grazie di tutto e buon appetito!

— Linda Loddo